Are you just about to walk down the aisle and wondering where you should go for your honeymoon? This blog post will tell you why Thailand should top your list of places worth visiting. Thailand has always been the hotshot destination for most honeymooning couples, and this is not surprising considering the city is home to so many exotic sun-kissed beaches. The throbbing nightlife and adventure options have always attracted tourists from all walks of life. Below is a list of all the places you’ll want to visit as you enjoy your honeymoon. Thailand Tours have been selected from across the country.

Koh samui

Are you looking for that perfect slice of romantic paradise?  If you are, this island is your honeymoon destination. It’s the second largest in the city, and close to Bangkok. This gorgeous island will offer all the idyllic essentials that you desire while honeymooning away from home. The pulsating night clubs and full moon parties must be the reason why locals call it the “Island of Beats.” You also get to experience the lifestyle by sharing the traditional meals, beer, and cocktails.

Hua Hin

We know of couples who prefer spending time visiting honeymoon destinations away from Bangkok, a city that can be a tad bit too modern and crowded. Hua Hin is a three-hour drive away from the capital, and it’s a respite from the chaos. By the way, it has to be one of the oldest resort towns and perfect for couples looking forward to long romantic walks by the sea. Not so long ago it received a major boost when it was changed into a royal resort and a summer gateway for the city’s royal family. Hua Hin has incredible resorts, spas and golf courses that offer tourists the best leisure experience in life.


This town is situated in the southern part of Thailand and people consider it the perfect choice for couples looking for a peaceful yet serene environment. Those who visit Krabi do so with the hope of enjoying a quiet and peaceful vacation. The endless stretch of sun-kissed beaches and warm turquoise waters will make you fall head over heels with the town. Surrounding it is the Andaman Sea which is home to rich coral reefs, limestone rock faces, and several colorful fishes.


Young couples prefer this beach seeing as it’s one of the liveliest places in Thailand. Attractions such as monuments and museums are some of the things that make the town to stand out. The locals are very friendly, and they’ll always try to make you and your better half feel right at home. If you consider yourself a party animal, you might want to check out the infamous Bangla Road in Patong. You can even go snorkeling because Phuket has the best diving zones in Thailand, and this makes it an ideal honeymoon destination.


This is the capital city of Thailand and if statistics are anything to go by, it has to be the most visited city by newlyweds and young couples. The accommodation is usually affordable since you can book a hotel for as low as 20 dollars.

Thailand has always been the dream honeymoon destination for anybody looking for a romantic getaway. Book your flight and go have the time of your lives.