From table linens to party tents, lighting equipment and more, it takes a lot of equipment and supplies to pull off a grand event. Whether you are planning a wedding party, a birthday gala, an anniversary celebration or something else, you may be taking a closer look at party rentals and wondering if they are suitable for your special events. The alternative to party rentals is purchasing the equipment and supplies outright. By comparing both options in detail, you can make the right option for your big event. Keep in mind that you may need to analyze the pros and cons of buying versus renting each type of equipment you need individually for the best results.

Understanding the True Cost of Both Options

When planning special events, one of the most important steps to take is to read the fine print in rental agreements. For example, with party rentals, you may only have access to the equipment for a few hours on the day of your event, and you may be responsible for delivery fees, set-up and tear-down fees, damages, deposits and more. While there are costs associated with renting equipment and supplies, there are also costs associated with owning the equipment outright. For example, the purchase of new equipment is often more significant than rental fees. In addition, you may also have delivery fees, storage fees and more to contend with. All costs should be analyzed to help you make the best decision possible. 

The Need for the Equipment in the Future

One of the most common reasons why individuals may consider buying equipment rather than renting it is if they need the equipment in the future. For example, you may purchase tables and chairs if you host the annual family reunion or holiday party for the whole family or if you have plans to host several weddings in the coming years. If you may not ever use the equipment again, you would then need to think about what to do with used equipment after your event is over.

What to Do With Used Equipment

If you do not have immediate plans to use the equipment for upcoming special events, you may consider how and where you will store the equipment. Review storage fees for the equipment. You may also consider selling the equipment to a consignment store or through online classified ads to recoup some of your costs.

Whether you are investing in a dance floor, tables or some other type of equipment, you need to make an informed decision about whether to rent or buy your products. By focusing on each of these points carefully, you can most easily make a great plan for each item that you need access to on your event day. There is a great source of information available on the Hart Entertainment website.