If you have been thinking of a few ideas for perfect wedding gifts and have been having a somewhat trying time thinking of some ideas then why not consider wooden wine boxes. Yeah we know, wine boxes? Why wine boxes?

Well, a wedding is perhaps one of the most important days of someone lives, and wine and champagne are usually drunk at this most beautiful event. However, not all the wine is drunk, and some people save a bottle only to open it years later to celebrate how long they have been together.

So a wine box, as obscure a gift it will seem at initially is very much a great idea for those looking to get that gift that they newlyweds will remember. So to help you out a bit more we have to take the liberty to compile a list of 6 amazing wooden wine boxes that will blow the newlyweds away and help them to recall later, years from now, how fantastic that day was.

6 Wooden Wine Boxes That Will Blow You Away

# 1 – The Plain Jane Wooden Box

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Now, this may sound a bit plain, but not everyone is looking for something stellar or luxurious in a gift. Sometimes something you just took the time and effort to create can be much more valuable to the person then you may initially have thought.

# 2 – Engraved Wine Box

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Getting a wooden wine box that is engraved to the newlyweds can be something memorable. Engraving a message that they will later recall can be a magical and inspiring moment for the married couple later on.

A simple name engraves, and a message will prove to be an invaluable gift later on and something that could bring back those feelings they first had when they met.

# 3 – Antique Wine Box

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If the married couple is lovers of wine then they will most definitely appreciate an antique wine box as not only rare – they are expensive, but they have history behind them; an excellent choice for the wine lovers.

# 4 – Customizable Wine Box

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Customizing a wine bo off of the wedding theme is also a great way to evoke later on in the married couple’s feelings of that particular day. This may cost a bit more than some of the previous wine boxes on this list. But for an occasion like this money shouldn’t be a concern.

# 5 – Steel Wine Box

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A steel wine box will be much more protective of the wine bottle and will be much more difficult for anything to get inside of the steel wine box.

# 6 – Wedding Wine Box

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Lastly, many wedding decorators can create the perfect wedding wine box that will later serve as an anniversary gift to the spouses.

That Special Day

That particular day is something that comes around once in a lifetime, and as a result, you want to be able to capture that feeling forever and later look back at that day with fondness. A wine bottle as minuscule as it may seem can be just the thing to recall and recapture that feeling.