Natural hair care is the objective of many people yet it’s not as simple or idealistic as it sounds. There are not very many natural hair products out there unless you visit a Toronto hair salon. The many you see advertised out there are actually not. What most products do is to incorporate a few organic ingredients along with several chemical ones. They then highlight the herbal ones as a marketing strategy to the masses looking for herbal hair products. Generally, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding the topic and below are some little known secrets about herbal hair products.

1. Not always good for your scalp

There are numerous commercial hair shampoos and products out there that are not good for your scalp despite the label ‘natural.’ It is important to note and understand the fact that our heads are like mini ecosystems and require balance. Some of these natural hair products have some PH balance that can wreck havoc to your scalp especially if you have a sensitive one. It is therefore important to understand your skin and consult a medical practitioner.

2. What works for someone doesn’t always work for the other

You’ll find positive reviews and recommendations about certain hair products that did wonders to some people. However, when you opt for the same, the results might be different due to a number of factors such as different skin conditions and reactions. This especially the case for the DIY natural hair care products.

3. Most DIY herbal hair care products come from non-experts

It’s not easy to come across a reputable company claiming to be making natural or rather herbal hair products. All you’ll come across are self-proclaimed researchers who come up with hair care recipes from their own divine intervention or research. Some of these products work but without a proper research and analysis can prove harmful to some people.

4. Natural doesn’t always mean organic

There’s a big difference between natural and organic products that many people tend to overlook. Natural means that the product doesn’t include any artificial preservatives or ingredients but some chemicals might still find their way in. Organic products on the other hand are pure.So, before you put that natural hair product in your trolley, read through before you make a total mess.

5. Lack of Regulation

Since herbal products are not tightly regulated, consumers also tend to run the risk of buying inferior quality products that may affect them in the long-run. This is because anyone can come up with a ‘herbal’ product which may not meet the required standards due to the low regulation. Consumers can loose their hard-earned cash or even encounter dangerous and malicious products.