So you are planning on walking down the aisle soon? Are you worried about your weight, specifically the fat deposits in your belly? You could talk to a Tummy tuck Toronto expert and have the excess fat removed surgically. However, there are various considerations that you should make before going under the knife. Understand the top 5 concerns and have the procedure done in time for your big day.

1. You will need to allow ample time for healing

Undergoing tummy tuck procedure before wedding sounds like a great idea. However, know that the procedure takes time to heal. For most people who are good candidates of abdominoplasty will need at least three months before reverting to normal duties. Evidently, it is not a magic pill that works miracles to your belly fat. Some people will need at least a year to heal completely. This depends on the amount of body mass that is actually removed.

2. You will need surgical drains for a month

Everyone who has a tummy tack will need to have surgical drains for a couple of weeks. These are plastic fixtures that remove inflammations and fluids that accumulate after excess fat is drained from the tummy. You will need to visit your tummy tuck Toronto surgeon once every couple of days. He will assess the progress and determine when to remove the surgical drains. You will not want to have a wedding with these fixtures sticking from your belly.

3. A tummy tuck will leave a scar

Are you ready to live with a permanent scar? A tummy tuck is among the most common types of plastic surgery today. Even with minimally invasive procedures, the process leaves a scar behind. This can significantly affect your choice of dress on your wedding day and season. The last thing you want people to see as you walk down the aisle is an ugly scar. For this reason, you will have to wear clothes that completely cover your abdominal area.

4. Tummy tuck is not replacement for weight loss

Most people looking for weight loss regimes often think that a tummy tuck is a way to lose weight. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A tummy tuck before the wedding will only make your belly look shapelier and more attractive. Even with a few pounds of fatty matter removed, you will not weigh lighter. Simply put, it is a cosmetic procedure that can only be maintained through exercise, dieting and leading proper lifestyles. A more rigorous approach is therefore recommended.

5. You will have to accentuate with diet and exercise

We recommend you to seek the services of a seasoned tummy tuck Toronto expert. Do not attempt backstreet alternatives as they do not guarantee effective results and quick healing. The doctor will tell you what foods are best for you. More importantly, adopting a diet full of fruits and vegetables will increase your speed of recovery. You might not go back to normal duties at least for the first couple of weeks. Movement and physical exercise might be highly limited.